B1038 transistor datasheet 2n3904

Transistor datasheet

B1038 transistor datasheet 2n3904

Request Fairchild Semiconductor 2N3904: TRANSISTOR b1038 NPN, download 2N3904 pdf datasheet, view , TO- 92 online 2n3904 transistor from Elcodis Transistors ( BJT) - Single transistor specifications. B1038 transistor datasheet 2n3904. 2N3904 * MMBT3904 * * PZT3904 P D Total Device Dissipation. 2N3905 Datasheet 2N3905 PNP datasheet General Purpose Transistor Datasheet buy 2N3905 Transistor. FLAT OF 2n3904 TRANSISTOR IS ON BOTTOM ORDER STYLE. 4 Discrete POWER & Signal N Technologies 2N3904 MMBT390 4 MMPQ390 4 2n3904 PZT3904 NPN General Purpose Amplifier This device is designed as a general purpose transistor amplif ier and switch. NPN General Purpose Amplifier. Description Small Signal Characteristic Transistors Frequency Output Capacitance Input Capacitance Small Signal. Product Training Modules: Diode Handling and Mounting. 2N3904 b1038 Silicon NPN Transistor General Purpose TO− 92 Type Package Absolute Maximum Ratings: Collector− Emitter Voltage, VCEO. 2N3904- AP Bipolar ( BJT) Transistor NPN 40V 200mA 250MHz 600mW Through Hole TO- 92. Datasheet: Download 2N3904 b1038 datasheet: Cross ref.
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Shown are the npn 2n2222, npn 2n3904 and 2n3906 pnp type transistors. To help speed up the production of new videos and keep the website from shutting down this coming summer, please donate any. 2N3904 Small Signal Transistor ( NPN). NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and amplifier applications.

b1038 transistor datasheet 2n3904

As complementary type, the PNP transistor 2N3906 is recommended. On special request, this transistor is also manufactured in the pin configuration. Buy Transistor 2N3904 NPN General Purpose.